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Join Yoga with Oxana for pop-up yoga and meditation classes, book club meetings, volunteering events, conscious gatherings, and vegetarian cooking nights.
Yoga Makes Change 2017 - Washington, DC, Nov 4th and 11th
Yoga with Oxana is organizing a series of YOGA MAKES CHANGE 2017 classes this November to support Give Back Yoga’s mission of bringing the therapeutic benefits of yoga to those who are vulnerable.

Your donation will help people overcome addiction and eating disorders, will fund programs for veterans, victims of trauma, and cancer patients.

Join Yoga with Oxana in raising awareness and making change in the lives of those who can benefit most.

Join a global movement of hope and healing.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation is a kickstarter organization that helps certified yoga teachers of all traditions bring research-based, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques to underserved populations. Join us in sharing the transformational power of yoga with the world, one person at a time. Get involved at
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Make a donation during class or consider donating online at

Suggested heart offering: $20

$5 can fund a free practice guide for a veteran
$25 can fund two books for men and women behind bars
$75 can fund books and a free class for two cancer survivors
$100 can fund three mats for eating disorder treatment centers
$200 can fund one month of classes for an addiction treatment facility

Thank you for your commitment!

  1. Tuesdays Thursdays 8-9 am
    Weekly Vinyasa Flow Classes
    Start your day with a sweet and mindful moving meditation. You’ll be guided to move through sun salutations, backbends and twists to wake up your body. Location: Be Here Now Yoga Studio, DC
  2. Fri-Sun: OCT 27-29 4pm-2 pm
    Yoga and Wellness Retreat
    Join us as we escape the city for a healing and restorative weekend filled with yoga, meditation, delicious vegetarian food, time in nature and more! Location: Historic Inn, Hume, VA
  3. Sat: Nov 4 12-1:30 pm
    Give Back Yoga Donation Class
    Make an impact in the lives of those who need it most. Support Give Back Yoga Foundation and sign up today! Location: Maha Kali House, Crystal City
  4. Sat: Nov 11 12-1:30 pm
    Give Back Yoga Donation Class
    Make an impact in the lives of those who need it most. Support Give Back Yoga Foundation and sign up today! Location: Maha Kali House, Crystal City


Oxana made Circling events possible in DC. (Circling is a relational meditation practice). She coordinated all the event details. She’s very professional, and she’s an expert at making people feel welcome and making sure all their needs are met. Everyone always feels safe and her events run very smoothly.
~ Otto von Wachter
Oxana has been an amazing presence in our lives. She is a consummate professional and in the two events that we had the opportunity to work with her she was incredibly supportive in both professional and personal aspects. When it comes to logistics Oxana is very focused, planning out exactly what's needed in advance. At the same time she is incredibly warm, compassionate, and genuine in how she approaches both problems and solutions. It has been an incredible honor to work with Oxana and we would not hesitate to recommend her for anything that requires the gifts she is blessed to carry.
~ Sofia Sunaga and David Chang
Over the years I've known Oxana she has always had great attention for details, thinking of things no one else even considered. Oxana is efficient, completely responsible and organized. Anything she is in charge of I know will go smoothly and beautifully. I trust Oxana completely to get everything just right, and even better than I anticipated!
~ Rachel Gray